Coaching for Physicians works with individual surgeons and with organizations, like medical societies, hospitals and medical groups, to teach the skills needed to manage and prevent burnout and restore the joy to surgical practice. In modern medicine, burnout is common and the prevention and management of surgeon burnout is an urgent matter.  The latest figures show that at any one time, almost every other physician is experiencing burnout and over a medical lifetime 80% may experience some signs. Whether newly trained residents or experienced  surgeons the risk of burnout remains high, and seems to peak in mid-career.    It is rare for engaged surgeons to become burned out. To that end, we also consult with organizations to develop and change the work environment so that it encourages physician engagement, reduces turnover and burnout and  improves work-life balance. In so doing, both the surgeon and the organization gain from a reduced staff turnover, improved patent safety and a more functional and productive medical team.  Coaching for Physicians is here to help you develop the skills you need  for a  successful work life balance.

REFERENCES  & COMMENTS: “I highly recommend Coaching for Physicians to any physician that has (these) experiences: For those in transitions of location or job…For those feeling abused by their experiences in training, their employer, their patients…For those working in healthcare organizations where teambuilding is particularly important.. For those experiencing or at risk for burn‐out…For those feeling the stress of a professional career that forces individuals to the edge of work‐ life balance…For those feeling under scrutiny from authorities (third party payers, state organizations, employers) or from patients… For those experiencing heavy workloads… For those managing time constraints… For those who are feeling that medicine is not fulfilling…For those striving to improve professional and personal relationships…In short, I recommend coaching for all physicians.”  Gynecologist/Tennessee  

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